Eye Tech Engineering Ltd
Precision CNC Engineering & Merlin Engine Overhaul
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We are a Suffolk based company with over 25 years experience in CNC and precision Engineering alongside over 10 years experience in the overhaul of Rolls Royce Merlin Engines.

Our CNC turning and milling setup is ideal for batch work from 100-3000 batch sizes.

We have worked and developed with companies such as Sinclair International Ltd for 25 years and Permastore Ltd in more recent years.

The precision small batch work ranges from repairs to vintage aircraft parts. (Mustangs, Spitfires, Hurricanes and ME109 for example).

The overhaul of Merlin Engines is a process that usually is undertake over a 12 month period. Some examples of our overhauled Merlins can be found in the Hardwick Warbirds Mustangs, Hangar 11 Collection aeroplanes, the late Big Beautiful Doll, previously The Grace Spitfire, Peter Vachers Hurricane and we have just completed the 4th engine for the Panton brothers Lancaster, among others.



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